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Firewall Training Course Playlist:


Firewall Training Course - Module

Module:1 Introduction to Firewalls | Firewall Types l Packet Filtering l TCP state table | Firewall Behavior

Module:2 NAT Explained | How NAT Works? | Types of NAT

Module:3 What is DMZ? | DMZ Zone

Module:4 What is Next-generation Firewall | NEXT-GENERATION FIREWALL

Module:5 ANTISPAM | How ANTISPAM works on Firewall | SPAM PROTECTION

Module:6 What is VPN? | VPN Features | VPN Protocols | VPN Types

Module:7 IPSEC VPN OVERVIEW | IPSec/ IKE/ ESP/AH/ Tunnel/ Transport | IPSEC Framework

Module: 8 [Practical] Firewall Penetration Testing | Firewall Audit


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